46 Travel Budgeting Tips

Travel Budgeting Tips

While on the road, every penny counts, so here are a few tips to consider while traveling on a budget that will make your money last.

  1. Travel to cheap countries.
  2. Eat street food.
  3. Take local transportation.
  4. Haggle.
  5. Don’t book accommodation online, and if you do, learn how to find cheap accommodation.
  6. Avoid TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet for travel advice. They’ll lead you to the tourist traps.
  7. Make friends with the locals. They’ll show you where to get things for cheap.
  8. Do couchsurfing.
  9. Hitchhike.
  10. Walk to places. You’ll save money and you’ll get to know the place better.
  11. Avoid places with entrance fees.
  12. Work for accommodation at a hostel.
  13. Travel slower. If you have two weeks to travel, don’t try to visit as many places as possible. Pick one or two places and discover all the beauty within them. You’ll enjoy your trip more and you’ll save loads of money on transportation.
  14. Travel longer. If you spend more time in a place, you’ll have time to work and travel the surrounding areas. Believe it or not, it saves lots of money.
  15. Don’t drink at bars!!!!
  16. Stay at a hostel, not a hotel.
  17. Drink tap water not bottled water.  
  18. Don’t buy souvenirs! 
  19. Don’t buy new clothes, shoes, or accessories while traveling unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  20. Don’t buy toiletries, ask your hostel/guesthouse for them instead.
  21. Don’t pay for wifi. There’s always somewhere with free wifi.
  22. Don’t buy a sim card. Just use the free wifi.
  23. Go for the fan room, not the A.C. room, it will cost you half the price.
  24. Do not shop or eat near the city centers. Things always cost more around these areas.
  25. Don’t shop or eat near tourist attractions. 
  26. If you’re going to be out all day, bring snacks so you avoid eating in the expensive areas.
  27. Always shop around before you buy something. There’s always someone willing to give you a better price.
  28. Never book a flight through a travel agent, they charge you a commission fee.
  29. Do your research before you book a flight. You’ll be surprised how cheap flights can be. We have mastered the art of finding cheap flights. You can too.
  30. Take the long bus, the long boat, or the redeye flight to save you loads of money! 
  31. Only buy what you truly NEED, it’s hard but you won’t regret it.
  32. Work while you travel to spend less and replenish your money.
  33. When you want to buy something, ask a local customer who just bought that item or dish how much they paid for it. You’ll get the real price not the foreigner price.
  34. Explore nature, it’s free.
  35. Check online for websites that tell you the free events happening in the city you’re visiting. 
  36. Try ridesharing. I use to use this all the time back in California. Saved me money and I made some cool friends.
  37. Shop for your groceries at a local market not a supermarket. 
  38. If you’re a student, ask for a student discount. If you’re not a student, lie.
  39. Make friends to get a group discount! It’s a win win for everyone! You save money and build new friendships.
  40. Get a credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees. We use CHASE SAPPHIRE and it’s the best!
  41. Get a debit card that doesn’t charge ATM fees. 
  42. Book accommodation that includes free breakfast.
  43. Share your room with someone. This cuts the price in half for both of you.
  44. Travel in off season. 
  45. Look for a Facebook page that might advertise free meetups, free events, free language exchange, or free stuff. You’d be surprised how much free stuff there is out there.
  46. Be a little cheeky. Always ask for the discount or the free add-on, if you don’t ask…you’ll never know what you could have had.

These are just some of the things Zoey and I do in our every day lives to try and save the most amount of money while traveling. Our lives are constantly in flux and there is never any certainty of income, so we must consider our expenses 24/7. The less we manage to spend, the more we manage to travel. It is difficult at first but you do get use to it and it eventually becomes second nature. Hopefully this can help someone who wants to travel or is traveling but can’t seem to make the dollars last.

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