5 easy ways to find work while you travel abroad

Work Abroad

Working abroad is an essential part of traveling long term. Getting a job in any country can be very easy, which is great because often times you run out of money while traveling. I have worked 13 out of the 23 months that I have been traveling. The work that I have done while traveling abroad continues to fund my travels till today. I recommend every long term traveler to work, and here are five easy ways that you can find work while traveling abroad.

1. Apply for a Work and Holiday Visa

Work and holiday visas are a great option if you want to save a large amount of money. Many countries provide young adults, ages 18-31, with work and holiday visas which allow you to work and live in a country for a long period of time. Australia and New Zealand are both great and popular options due to the high wages. Mari and I worked in Australia, found steady work within the first month of being there, and changed jobs a few times with no problems. Both of these countries also have the option of applying for a single year visa or a 2 year visa. You can apply online, pay the application fee, save some money, and be on your way to working and living in a new country.

2. Get a cash-in-hand or under-the-table job

Yes, this is the illegal option, but I’ve worked cash in hand jobs most of my life with no problems. You don’t get taxed and you don’t need a work and holiday visa. You can find cash-in-hand work mostly within small businesses. Sometimes, you can also get cash from work exchange opportunities, although it is often a very small amount of money. This happened to me when I did work exchange in Laos. I worked as a promoter and bar staff in exchange for food and drinks. At the end of the night, the manager would also give me a small amount of money to which I put towards my accommodation. Both Mari and I also worked cash-in-hand jobs in Australia so the option is there if you feel comfortable with a bit of international law breaking.

3. Apply for work exchange opportunities

Work exchange is my favorite type of work. It is ridiculously fun and easy to find. The best way to go about it is to use either workaway.info, helpx.net, or ask around to see if anyone is looking for workers. If you decide to use the websites, sign up, pay the fee of $30 USD for 2 years, make an account with detailed information about yourself, and start messaging people. You can find all types of work on these site in places all around the world. You can find anything from farming to babysitting in exchange for accommodation and/or food. I’ve done lots of work exchange in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. In Thailand I worked on a eco farm doing permaculture, in Laos I worked at a bar, and in Cambodia I worked at a guesthouse. Its easy, fun, and a great chance to emerge yourself in the culture.

4. Work Online

Online work is a great and flexible way to make money while you travel. The most popular ways to make money online seem to be through blogging, vlogging, freelance writing, web designing, graphic design, and teaching English. I am currently teaching English online through a website called Cafe Talk. I signed up, went through an interview process, and started teaching a few months back. We just recently met a couple who does graphic design online and funds their travels that way. Many famous bloggers and vloggers make most if not all of their income through their blogs and vlogs. This takes lots of time and dedication but it can be done. Freelance writing is also an easy way to make a few bucks. There are tons of people who rely solely on online work to travel the world and it is ultimately our goal to be one of these people.

5. Teach English

Mari and I are going to Vietnam this month to teach English for a year. We have many friends who have taught English in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and many other countries. People have told us that it is very easy to find work, that the pay is very good, and that you don’t need to have teaching experience. Most places only require a TEFL certificate and fluent English skills so this is a great option for native English speakers to make money abroad. You can find teaching jobs online, through TEFL courses, or simply by asking around in the country you’re in. Southeast Asia is a very popular destination for English teachers so it is likely that you’ll meet teachers along the way that can also give you some advice.

Working abroad is not only easy but its fun. It has made my traveling experience richer, I have made friends from all around the world, and I have made some money while doing so. So if you’re scared of leaving your stable job at home, don’t be, there’s many ways to make money while you travel abroad.

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