A packing list for lesbians

lesbian packing list

As a lesbian travel blog, it is our duty to inform you and help you pack all the necessary items for your upcoming travel adventures. Whether you’re going to spend a few weeks beach bumming in Bali, backpacking through Southeast Asia for a few months, or finally doing that Eurotrip you’ve wanted to do for a few years, here is the ultimate packing list for the traveling lesbian.

  1. Flannel/Checkered Shirts: This is probably already in your suitcase or backpack…lez be real. Honestly though, flannels are an absolute MUST. Not only are they the universally know lesbian uniform, but they are also super comfy and useful to travel with. You can use flannels to keep you warm on chilly nights, to keep your arms protected from the sun, too sleep with, to look stylish and cool as hell, and to give off the right vibes to the ladies if you know what I mean.
  2. Nail Clipper: We all know that short and clean nails are part of lesbian etiquette. So if you plan on getting freaky while you travel, bring a nail clipper with you and trim those claws. You never know when you’ll need to use those fingers. This is an especially important item to pack if you plan on traveling long term because nails grow and we all prefer a girl with short nails.
  3. Hair bands: Zoey and I like to call these the “lesbian condoms.” We have all said these words, “wait, let me put my hair back first.” So when things start to get sexy with that cute girl you met earlier that day or week, you must always have a hair band ready to go. If you have short hair, this can still apply to you, carry a courtesy hair band for her. Zoey and I always have two just in case one person forgets theirs. Aside from that, hair bands get lost all the time so it’s better to bring extra ones just in case.
  4. Sports Bras: A traveling lesbian’s best friend. Most women hate bras but ALL traveling women hate bras. In fact, we try to avoid wearing them by all means possible. You’ll see most girls either wearing a bikini top or a sports bra and that’s because bras suck. Can we all agree on this? Sports bras are just more comfortable for travel, so don’t bother packing a bra and just load up on sports bras.
  5. Snapback: Snapbacks, like flannels, are in every lesbians wardrobe. Make sure to pack one or two for three simple reason:
    1. You’ll look cool and sexy as f**ck
    2. You’re a lesbian and they’ll know it
    3. They protect you from the sun and the sun sucks
  6. Bro Tanks: I’d say this only applies if you’re traveling somewhere with hot weather but that’s not true. Lesbians love wearing bro tanks year round, rain or shine, so pair it up with a sports bra and go talk to the ladies. Honestly, bro tanks and lesbian chicks are a recipe for sexiness.
  7. Sex toys: Traveling and sex go hand in hand. Many people get laid when they travel, that’s a fact. So if you want to be prepared, bring your favorite sex toy on your travels. Personally, I think it’s a great accessory whether you get laid or not, you’ll have something to keep you entertained on the cold nights when you go home alone.

If you pack these things, you’ll be a ready lesbian prepared to travel the world. Have fun!

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