Being Queer in Thailand

Being Queer in Thailand

Here are 10 reasons why Thailand is by far, the best and most queer friendly country in Southeast Asia.

  1. Being LGBTQ is celebrated and admired.

    This is our experience at least. In Thailand, being LGBTQ is not something that is frowned upon, it is something so common that people actually admire the beauty of LGBTQ people.  There are festivals, parades, cabarets, you name it, they have it! I mean, they even have entire shopping centers that cater to the “Lady Boy Cabarets.” They sell colorful outfits, jewelry, and accessories to make the performers shine during their shows! It is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. You won’t be the first LGBTQ person they’ve met.

    Because being LGBTQ is so common, people won’t even flicker an eyelash when you tell them you’re gay. I mean, people still ask Zoey and I if one of us is a boy, but I mean, nobody’s perfect. Right?

  3. There is a very large LGBTQ community.

    “Honestly, are all Thai people LGBTQ?” I remember asking myself this question a few times last time we were in Thailand. But I don’t think it’s the fact that everyone is LGBTQ, it’s the fact that gender roles and gender norms are not definitive in Thailand. Gender fluidity is common, which to an outsider like me, looks like GAY HEAVEN! <3

  4. LGBTQ tourists are welcome.

    Thailand itself is a very tourist friendly country but it is also a popular LGBTQ travel destination. You’ll have the pleasure to meet many beautiful members of the LGBTQ community. As LGBTQ travelers, Thailand makes us feel safe, loved, welcomed, unique, admired, inclusive, happy, and comfortable. Thanks Thailand <3

  5. “Ladyboys”

    “Ladyboys” is essentially the English translation of Kathoey, which is a Thai word that refers to a transgender woman, as far as I know. Ladyboys are a beautiful and unique part of Thailand. I truly believe that ladyboys have helped normalize being trans and being LGBTQ. There are ladyboy cabarets and ladyboy shows in all the big cities. They dress lavishly and perform their musical talents to an audience who awes over their beauty. Definitely one of the best cultural experiences that Thailand has to offer.

  6. Sex is not a taboo.

    From a tourist point of view, sex does not seem to be a taboo in Thailand. I mean, sex toys are banned from entering the country, but sex can be bought in the streets. I’m not sure where the line exists here… Also, sex tourism is so popular in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, that it adds a further sense of acceptance. It’s common for men to have sex with other men and women with other women. Buying sex is as common as going out and buying a drink at a bar after a hard day at the office.

  7. Sexual fluidity seems to be common amongst Thai people.

    Unlike many other countries, Thailand doesn’t seem to have these strict gender identities and gender norms. They don’t seem to adapt to this idea that you must fit into this box that perfectly defines your gender and your sexuality. People just seem to do their thing and nobody cares. It doesn’t seem to matter who you like, how you dress, who you fuck, and what that says about you. Thailand is essentially that perfect place we all dream of where you can dress how you want, have your hair the way you want, date who you want, fuck who want, be who you want, and not have to answer to the ever-so-boring questions “are you straight?” “are you gay?” “are you a boy or a girl?” It just doesn’t matter in Thailand, so people express their sexual fluidity more openly and with less judgement. We can learn a thing or two from Thailand.

  8. They’ve seen it all and you’ll see it all.

    Okay, Thailand is a bit OUT THERE! Honestly, if you’ve never traveled and the first place you decide to visit is Bangkok, good luck. Haha no really, Thailand likes to give everyone the wow-factor and they truly succeed. You think you’ve seen it all? Go on a night out in Silom, I dare ya. The most normal thing you’ll see is the reflection of you and your girlfriend holding hands.  So yeah, don’t worry, nobody will stare because you and your girlfriend are kissing or boob grabbing in public. That’s PG shit.

  9. There’s something for everyone.

    Like I said, the LGBTQ community is big and amazing in Thailand so you’ll have an opportunity to meet both locals and other travelers with similar interests. Whatever those interests may be, Thailand will have a place for you. You’re into BDSM? No worries, theres a place for that. You’re into ping-pong balls shooting out of vaginas? There’s a place for that too. You name it, they have it. Be as weird as you want or as vanilla as you’d like. There’s something for everyone.

  10. Thailand is simply the best.

    Thailand is where Zoey and I met, so I’ll eternally thank Thailand from bringing us together and it will always have a special place in my heart, but honestly, Thailand is the best! The food is the best food on the planet, it’s cheap as chips, the people are lovely, the culture is amazing, and the scenery is breathtaking. <3


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