The Best Lesbian Travel Tips

The Best Lesbian Travel Tips

When you decide to leave your everyday life to travel abroad, you gotta do your research. Thankfully for you, I’ve done it for you, so start taking notes. These blog posts have the best lesbian travel tips and advice out there. They are written by some of the best lesbian travel bloggers with a variety of travel experiences. There are tips for single lesbian travelers, lesbian couple travelers, and a lesbian travel perspective on a range of different topics.  I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped us. Enjoy!

Meg from Dopes on the Road wrote this amazing blog post about the 8 questions that LGBT travelers should ask themselves before traveling abroad. I found it so interesting and so relatable as it mentions things that happen all the time as a lesbian traveler. There are some things that are difficult to cope with, things that are simply unavoidable, and things that make you kinda feel like shit when you’re traveling abroad. Unfortunately, you must prepare yourself for some uncomfortable situations and I think this blog post is a great start.

Zoey and I spent 2 months living in a mini-van as we traveled the east coast of Australia. This post is literally 100% relatable to us. Jessi and Valerie live and travel out of their cute little trailer, if anyone knows about traveling with your partner, it’s them. Honestly, some great advice in this blog post. I think if you and your partner are thinking of traveling together long term, you should definitely read this post. It can help save your marriage. Hahaha, jokes…but really though. You should read it.

Jessie from Curious Jessie and her girlfriend faced some of the struggles that lesbian couples commonly go through while traveling. If you and your girlfriend are looking to travel to countries that may not be as progressive as the U.K, Australia, or U.S.A, you should definitely read this blog post.

I feel like this is essential reading material. If you’re traveling alone, you’re gonna want to meet other lesbians, right? Maybe even get laid? I mean, sometimes it’s just nice meeting up with people with similar interests as you, you connect on a different level. The traveling lesbians have some good tips on how to meet other lesbians while traveling, check it out.

Mel from Lez Backpack and her girlfriend traveled through Southeast Asia and learned a few things that you too will learn when you travel with your girlfriend. I know Zoey and I go through similar things everyday and to be honest, some of these things are totally unexpected. Do you relate to this post as much as we do?

It takes a lot of courage to travel alone, especially for women. You ever wonder what traveling as a solo lesbian is like? Dani from Globetrotter Girls discusses some of the things that solo lesbian travelers go through. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, see what she has to say about the topic.

When traveling with your girlfriend, you’ll get this question a lot. We do. You don’t even have to look like each other, people just always assume that two girls with a close relationship are sisters. Kate and Jot talk about how they dealt with the situation in this post. It’s really amusing and helpful, I think I’ll try this line next time…

“No we’re not sisters”, I said, trailing off, too much of a pussy to say calmly, “she’s my partner. And did you ask that man and lady who were here before us if they are brother and sister”. In my head I said that though. In my head I’m so much braver. And cooler.

Taking a Euro-trip this year? Check out this amazing list of lesbian festivals in Europe. I honestly can’t wait to visit Europe after reading this list. Who doesn’t love a big-o-lesbian party, am I right?

Do you ever feel like the more you watch the news, the less you want to travel to the middle east? Sadly, I do. However, after finding this blog post by Gabriela, it makes me so happy to know that there is actually an LGBTQ friendly city in Israel. Not only is it LGBTQ friendly, it actually has lesbian bars, lesbian parties, even a lesbian dating app. Next destination: Tel Aviv! Thanks for the tips Gabriela, we need more of these useful posts in the lesbian traveling blog world.

San Francisco is the gay capital of the world. Am I right? I lived in SF for 4 years and these 4 attractions are definitely must-sees. If only the Lexington (the last lesbian bar in SF) was still open, I’m sure it’d be on this list too. If you’re taking a trip to SF, don’t miss out on these 4 attractions. Alli and Ausha, you couldn’t have made a better list! Thanks!

I know many people volunteer as they travel around the world, which is why I found this blog post so helpful and interesting. After university, I considered joining the Peace Corps and if you’re considering it too, you should definitely check out this blog post by Char as she discusses the importance of LGBTQ safe zone training in the Peace Corps.

Hiking, trekking, snowboarding, you name it, Alison and Helene have all the outdoor traveling tips for you. These chicks love the outdoors and thankfully they write about it too. If you’re thinking of taking an outdoor traveling trip, you should definitely check out their survival series. Super helpful!

Jess has some great travel tips on her page! This one is definitely one of my favorite posts as it talks about training in Muay Thai at a gym in Thailand. If you’re considering traveling to Thailand and taking on a new sport, I’d definitely suggest that you talk to Jess. Also, she has some great tips on places to eat. Foodie FTW.


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