Being Queer in Austin, Texas

Being Queer in Austin

Austin is said to be the “Live Music Capital of the World,” but I wish it was the lesbian capital of the world because lesbians are better than live music. Just kidding, but honestly Austin is f**ken AWESOME! Zoey and I spent about three weeks in Austin over the holiday season, and we enjoyed every […]

Being Queer in Vietnam

Being Queer in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country filled with amazing culture, breathtaking nature, delicious food, and kind people. However, Vietnam is not the most progressive country out there. Like many countries, being a lesbian or being queer in Vietnam is still seen as a taboo due to traditional and outdated beliefs. Zoey and I moved to Vietnam […]

Being Queer in the Philippines

Being queer in the Philippines

Zoey and I have experienced multiple aspects of being a lesbian couple in the Philippines. Some aspects have made us feel really comfortable being queer, but there’s others that have really made us feel like it’s better to simply hide our relationship. We have come up with a list of the pro’s and con’s of being […]

Being Queer in Melbourne

Lesbian Travel: Being Queer in Melbourne

I feel like being a lesbian in Melbourne couldn’t be easier. There’s a reason why Melbourne has been voted one of the best places to live worldwide. Not only is it a beautiful city, but it is also home to a large and diverse community, including many members of the LGBTQ community. Melbourne welcomes and celebrates diversity […]