Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Lesbian Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Get a free sim card from Dialog at the Airport. It’s 649 rupees ($4USD) for 9GB of data. Avoid taking tuk-tuks. Take the bus instead. Take a look at how much we paid for transportation. Eat local food. Look for the little hole in the wall restaurants filled with locals. If you’re a female traveler, […]

Cost of Transportation in Sri Lanka

Cost of Transportation in Sri Lanka

(Trains, Buses, Taxis, Tuk-Tuks) If you’re anything like us, you hate getting ripped off and having to pay “foreigner prices” when you travel. I mean, we don’t mind paying $50 for a long bus ride as long as we are paying the same price as everyone else, am I right? Anyway, after searching the internet […]

15 Tips to Help You Save Money for Traveling

15 Tips to Help you Save Money for Traveling

Saving money is hard but saving money for traveling is easy. It’s easy because you know that the money you save is going to take you somewhere BEAUTIFUL , you’re going to have an AMAZING time, meet AWESOME people, and create UNFORGETTABLE memories! Trust me on this, you’re gonna wish you saved more money once you arrive at […]