How do I find cheap flights?

My latest accomplishment was a roundtrip ticket from Seoul to Jeju Island for $37 USD round trip. That has to be the best flight I have ever booked! So cheap! Am I right? I’ll tell you my secret.

When looking for flights, I do these four things:

  1. Everyone does this one: Compare prices through multiple websites. I often compare through at least 3 websites. My favorites are:
    • Google Flights: I love google flights because it give you the option to use the multi-city option, which many websites don’t. Also, because you can easily navigate the page to compare prices on different days of the month without having to refresh the page and change the dates a million times.
    • Skyscanner: I feel like the reason I use this one is mostly for backup. So many people use this, but I don’t often find the good deals here. You never know though, they are teamed up with some good budget airlines, so they surprise me sometimes.
    • Adioso: This is my precious little secret. I found this website by accident and now I always start my searches here. I absolutely love this site! It gives you the option to put your destination as “anywhere, international, domestic, city, state, country.” How cool is that? You don’t even need to know where you want to go before visiting this site, it will give you suggestions. I can honestly spend hours on this site trying to figure out where I can go for the least amount of money. (Disclaimer: I often use this site for international travel deals not for domestic. Better prices for international, not so much for domestic.)
  2. I compare flights every day of the week for about three weeks, two to three months before my intended travel date.
    • International travel: try to buy your tickets 90-60 days before your travel date.
    • Domestic travel: try to buy your tickets 30 days before your travel.
    • Everyone has different theories on how early to buy your tickets, but I feel like these dates are a general consensus, based on other blogs I’ve read and on my own experience.
    • The reason I compare prices every day of the week for two or three weeks is because flights change price every single day and some days of the week are cheaper than others. I check the prices, write them down, go back the following week and check again. After checking two or three times on the same dates, I often find the cheaper flight.
  3. I compare on third party sites but I ALWAYS buy directly through the airlines website.
    • If you buy through a third party, they often don’t include baggage, which you will end up having to pay for when you get to the airport. I once paid $60 for a flight and $90 for baggage because I made the mistake of buying through a third party website.
    • If something goes wrong, you can contact the airline directly, and they can fix it for you. If you go through a third party site, they can’t do anything, you have to contact the website and they honestly just don’t care. Again, I’ve had to deal with this problem.
    • You’ll always find a better deal on the airline’s website because they don’t charge you the commission fee that third party websites charge.
  4. Ask locals what airlines they use to fly.
    • This is by far the best strategy when you are already in a foreign country and looking to fly domestic or international. Locals know the budget airlines that don’t come up on google flights or any other third party site. Tell them where you want to go, and they will tell you what airline to use. This is how I found out about Cebu Pacific for the Philippines, Peach Airlines for Japan, and Jeju Air for South Korea, which is also where I found my $37 roundtrip ticket.

If you do all these things, you will find it pretty easy to find cheap flights. If you have any suggestions on other sites, please let me know. I love learning about new places to buy cheap flights. I hope this helps.

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