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Lists and reviews of lesbian TV shows, lesbian movies, and media that features lesbian characters. 

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These are blog posts specifically intended to share our experiences as queer people traveling through different cities and countries around the world. 

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Latest Lesbian Travel Blog Posts

Lesbian Couple Travel Troubles

I warn you, this is not the “cute travel troubles,” this is the real deal.  Zoey and I have been traveling together for almost 3 years. We’ve lived together, backpacked together, traveled together, and vacationed together. You might be thinking, what’s the difference? Well, there’s a huge difference.  Read More

Being Queer in Taipei

Just a few weeks back, Zoey and I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Taiwan for the first time. We fell in love. Honestly, why did it takes us this long to go there? I’m not sure, but we are now thinking of moving to Taipei because why not? Am I right? Especially after realizing that Taipei is a real life lesbian wonderland. Are all girls in Taipei gay?  Read More

20 Damn Good Reasons to Travel

You’ll fall in love again and again. Sometimes you’ll fall in love with places, and other times, you’ll fall in love with people. You will build friendships with people from all around the world.

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List of Lesbian Bars in Hanoi

If you’re looking to travel to Hanoi and don’t feel like hanging out at ‘Hanoi Backpackers’ with a bunch of drunken bro’s. You should pay a visit to the LGBTQ friendly bars/clubs in town. Here is a list of the bars that are lesbian and LGBTQ friendly. Read More

The Best Lesbian Travel Tips

When you decide to leave your everyday life to travel abroad, you gotta do your research. Thankfully for you, I’ve done it for you, so start taking notes.

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The Ultimate List of Lesbian Movies to Watch While Traveling

I use to hate watching movies. I was that girl who ALWAYS fell asleep in the movie theater. What can I say, I had a short attention span. You can’t expect me to sit there for 2 whole hours watching the same story line. Booooorrrriiiiinnnnggg! That’s why I prefer TV-shows. TV shows are short and sweet, like Zoey. Speaking of Zoey, she’s the reason this post started with the words “I use to hate watching movies,” as in, I no longer hate watching movies. It’s true, I love watching movies, wait…let me rephrase that, I love watching lesbian movies. Here are some of our favorite lesbian movies:

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Being Queer in Thailand  

Here are 10 reasons why Thailand is by far, the best and most queer friendly country in Southeast Asia.

Being LGBTQ is celebrated and admired.

This is our experience at least. In Thailand, being LGBTQ is not something that is frowned upon, it is something so common that people actually admire the beauty of LGBTQ people. There are festivals, parades, cabarets, you name it, they have it! I mean, they even have entire shopping centers that cater to the “Lady Boy Cabarets” selling outfits, jewelry, and accessories to make them shine during their shows! It is BEAUTIFUL! 

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Being Queer in Vietnam 

Vietnam is a beautiful country filled with amazing culture, breathtaking nature, delicious food, and kind people. However, Vietnam is not the most progressive country out there. Like many countries, being a lesbian or being queer in Vietnam is still seen as a taboo due to traditional and outdated beliefs.

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The Ultimate List of Lesbian TV Shows to Watch While Traveling

I absolutely love watching TV. I’ve watched almost every single TV series on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. I mean, I am a serious and devoted TV show enthusiast! I’m on the edge of obsessive. I’ve lost days, months, maybe even years to watching TV shows. Sad?

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Scissor Sisters 

People ALWAYS ask us if we’re sisters. ALWAYS! 

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Being Queer in South Korea 

Coming from Japan, we thought being queer in South Korea was going be a piece of cake. When we first arrived in Seoul, things were looking great for us as we noticed many girls holding hands and being affectionate toward each other. Unlike in Japan, Koreans find it perfectly okay to kiss your partner and hug your friends. Oh, the excitement!

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Being Queer in Grimsby

Grimsby may be voted the worse place to live in England but its definitely not the worst place to be queer.

My coming out story:

I was born in Grimsby, and came out as a lesbian at the age of 15. When I broke the news to my parents, I was surprised at how easy and actually funny it all turned out to be. I remember my mum’s response like it was yesterday…

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Being Queer in the Philippines

Zoey and I have experienced multiple aspects of being a lesbian couple in the Philippines. Some aspects have made us feel really comfortable being queer, but there’s others that have really made us feel like it’s better to simply hide our relationship. We have come up with a list of the pro’s and con’s of being queer and being a lesbian couple in the Philippines... 

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A packing list for lesbians

As a lesbian travel blog, it is our duty to inform you and help you pack all the necessary items for your upcoming travel adventures. Whether you’re going to spend a few weeks beach bumming in Bali, backpacking through Southeast Asia for a few months, or finally doing that Eurotrip you’ve wanted to do for a few years, here is the ultimate packing list for the traveling lesbian....

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Being Queer in Melbourne 

I feel like being a lesbian in Melbourne couldn't be easier. There's a reason why Melbourne has been voted one of the best places to live worldwide. Not only is it a beautiful city, but it is also home to a large and diverse community, including many members of the LGBTQ community. Melbourne welcomes and celebrates diversity year round.

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South Korea, the land of the lesbians 

So many girls in South Korea hold hands and hug each other side by side while they walk; can you blame us for thinking that 90% of Korean girls were lesbians?

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It's the Japanese way...

Zoey and I are very affectionate towards each other, ask our housemates from Australia. We love to love each other. We, and by "we" I mostly mean me, often forget that other people are in the room and that they might not appreciate the excessive PDA. This being said, you can imagine the difficulty we had trying to adapt to the strict conservative Japanese culture. Japanese are extremely "shy" which means they don't touch each other in public, and they frown upon anyone who does. It's the Japanese way...

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