Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters

People ALWAYS ask us if we’re sisters. ALWAYS!

Please stop asking us if we’re sisters!


When we first started dating, it was a bit awkward. I think we would often ask ourselves:

“Why do people keep asking us if we’re sisters?”

“Do we really look alike?”

“Ew, is this weird?”

“Should we talk about this?”

“We don’t actually look alike, do we?”

“Do we?”

Now, we find it kinda funny.

When people ask us, “are you sisters?”

We answer, “well, in a sense I guess…We’re more like scissor sisters*

*Scissor sisters is a term commonly used to refer to lady lovers, but it is also a very common term in our vocabulary.

It wasn’t until about year into our relationship and our return to Asia that we realized that the reason why people in these countries ask us if we are sisters is because, to them, we do look alike. We both have light skin and long hair. That’s enough for them to assume that we’re sisters. I mean, why wouldn’t you assume that, right? And it’s not because they’re trying to be rude, they just don’t know. We all look alike to them.

I often refer to that episode in Family Guy when Peter thinks everyone is Jackie Chan because they’re Asian. Basically, it’s the same idea with the people who ask us if we’re sisters. They just don’t know any better. To them we do look like sisters because we have light skin and long hair. So we don’t take it personal anymore, we have a laugh instead.

So when you travel to a third world country and they ask you and your girlfriend, “are you sisters?” and trust me, they will. Don’t get upset or take it personal. Have a laugh and educate people on the term scissor sisters instead.

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