Seoul in 6 words

I think it’s safe to say that Seoul is the NYC of Asia. Honestly, the similarities are endless. We had the opportunity to spend three weeks in the city, and I think we both agree that these 6 words best describe our Seoul experience.

90’s fashion
  1. Fashionable: You’ll notice this as soon as you step into South Korea. Korean’s have the absolute best sense of fashion. It sometimes made us feel like dirty travelers with only two outfits, oh wait…Anyway, we spent most of our days in Hongdae near Hongik University at our lovely guesthouse, Easytrip Guesthouse, which is where all the cool kids hang out so this may be the reason why everyone was looking so sharp. They dress great, but they also dress like they’re in the 90’s. So you’ll see lot’s of Selena look-alikes. I don’t know if this is a “thing” all over the world or just in Seoul, but I loved it! Bring back the 90’s!
  2. Shopping: So much shopping! There are tons of clothing and retail stores all over Seoul, this is probably the reason why everyone looks so good all the time. Clothes are cheap and cute, if we we didn’t have to haul everything on our back 24/7, we would have totally bough loads of stuff. Priorities, I guess…
  3. fullsizerender-5
    Piles of trash

    Dirty: Unfortunately, this is one negative thing about Seoul, there’s piles and piles of trash everywhere. We mostly saw it around Hongdae but the other areas weren’t all that clean either. Very much like NYC, people just threw their trash on the side of the road and it piled up all day. It was gross. Damn dirty teenagers, am I right? Just kidding, but seriously guys, maybe install more trash cans around the city?

  4. Rude: Another similarity to NYC, people in Hongdae were so rude. People in big cities are typically pretty rude, so we got past it, but it did come as a shock at first. Coming from Japan, Zoey and I experienced a major culture shock in Seoul, these two countries seemed like polar opposites to us. We adjusted and laughed it off by the end of the three weeks, but it definitely took some getting used to. If you’re from NYC, you’ll be just fine!
  5. K-pop: Again, living in the university area, we were surrounded by young people who love K-pop. Every night, there were street performers dancing to the top K-pop tunes, it was amazing! We saw such amazing performances and so much talent. You’ll hear K-pop everywhere you go and you’ll LOVE it! BTS is now our favorite band and we wish we could dance as cool as those people in the street.

    Street Performers dancing in Hongdae
  6. Food: I mean DELICIOUS food! Everything about Korean food is amazing! We both had never really ate Korean food before coming to Korea, so it was a great introduction. The street food is amazing, I suggest everyone go check out Gwangjang Market, and try bibimbaps, tteokbokki, and gimbaps. Also, Korean BBQ and fried chicken are a MUST!  The great thing is that Korean food is fairly healthy and you gotta love the spice. Mostly everything is available spicy or made spicy! This was heaven for a Mexican like me.

    Street Food: Korean Pancakes

Everyone has their own experiences while traveling, but we both agreed that when we think about Seoul, these are the 6 words that come to mind. That being said, we can’t wait to go back some day!

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