South Korea, the land of the lesbians

So many girls in South Korea hold hands and hug each other side by side while they walk; can you blame us for thinking that 90% of Korean girls were lesbians?

Coming from no touch Japan, we were pleasantly surprised to see girls walking around Hongdae casually holding hands, locking arms, hugging one another, and flirting in plain sight. “We belong here! This is great!” we thought to ourselves. We started to feel comfortable holding each others hand, kissing, and being affectionate again. Sadly, our euphoria didn’t last very long. As much as we wanted it to be South Korea, the land of the lesbians, it wasn’t. We soon realized that Korean girls were just really affectionate towards each other and had no real interest in each others lady parts. Our sexy Korean girl threesome dreams were crushed. Just kidding, but really though, it was a sad day when we felt like the outcast lesbians yet again.

Zoey and I decided to go out for some food and drinks last Friday night. After dinner, Zoey saw some old video game machines in the street outside of a pub, so we sat down to play. After a few games, we realized someone was filming us and watching us from behind. Creeper alert, am I right? It was this Korean girl who seemed completely mesmerized by us. We said hello and she told us how beautiful she thought we both were. As a westerner, you get that a lot, Asian cultures seem to love our pearly white skin, so we said thank you and carried on. She insisted on taking pictures with us and offered to buy us a drink, I said yes of course, I never say no to a free drink. She begins getting closer to me, holding my hand, kissing my cheek, and repeatedly telling me how beautiful I was. At this point, she then turns to Zoey, grabs her face and softly puts her hair behind her ears saying “you are so beautiful.” I’m not gonna lie, I was about to get all East LA on her ass but then Zoey asked this girls’ friend “is she just friendly or does she like girls?” Her friend says, “no, she’s just friendly, she’s not a lesbian.” When the Korean girl heard the word lesbian, she cringed as said, “EW! NO! NO! NOT LESBIAN! GROSS!”


That’s right folks, the ignorance was amongst us. Zoey said, “well, in our culture, we call that flirting.” You don’t just go up to a girl, kiss her, call her beautiful, hold her hand, and then then make gagging noises as you express your dislike for lesbians. That’s when we realized that this girl sucked! Bye Felicia! We carried on with our night and realized that our lesbian fairy tale land in South Korea was simply just that, a fairy tale. So when you come to South Korea and you see all the cute Korean girls holding hands and flirting with each other, don’t get your hopes us, they’re just being friendly.  

Sometimes, we do see the other lesbian couples holding hands blending in with the friendly girls, which makes us smile. At least they don’t have to hide, they just have to lie.


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