The Ultimate List of Lesbian TV Shows to Watch While Traveling

Lesbian TV Shows

I absolutely love watching TV. I’ve watched almost every single TV series on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. I mean, I am a serious and devoted TV show enthusiast! I especially love me a good lesbian TV show. I fall in love with the lesbian characters, follow the lesbian storylines, and play the lesbians scenes over and over. Am I the only one who does this? I can’t possibly be the only girl who googles “lesbian scenes,” “lesbian TV shows,”  “lesbian character on TV,” or “lesbian couples on TV.”  For this reason, I decided to share my ultimate list of lesbian TV shows to watch while you travel.


  1. The L Word: Lez be real, you’ve probably already watched this series two or three times from beginning to end. Not to mention all the times you’ve replayed the sexy love scenes between Shane and Carmen. And like the rest of us, you’re still wondering….who killed Jenny Schecter?!
  2. The Real L Word: So much lesbian drama! You gotta love it!
  3. Orange is the New Black: Yeah, I know…you’re probably just as eager as the rest of us to watch the new season and find out what Dayanara does with that gun! So much suspense!!
  4. Lip Service: This is like British version of the L Word. If you haven’t watched it, you should. It’s just as cheesy and addictive as the L Word. It should be added to some sort of lesbian prerequisite checklist. Haha
  5. Wentworth: Another lesbian prison show. I’d compare it to OITNB (I guess I just did) but Wentworth is so much more graphic and brutal. I think this Australian lesbian TV show is actually better than it’s American counterpart. That’s right, I said it…Wentworth is better than OITNB and I can’t wait to watch the new season!
  6. Sugar Rush: This British lesbian TV series is super relatable. Honestly, if you’ve ever fallen in love with the straight girl, you should watch this. If you’ve ever fallen in love with your best friend, you should watch this.
  7. Gaycation: Ellen Page travels to countries around the world to discover and learn about the LGBTQ culture in each place. Basically, she does what we do but actually makes money from it. It’s an interesting show and worth watching if you plan on traveling to the places she talks about. She actually visits GoldFinger, our favorite lesbian bar, when she goes to Tokyo!
  8. Feminin/Feminin: This French TV show is simply all about queer girls. I love it! Lesbian storylines, lesbian love, lesbian kisses, lesbian friendships, lesbian drama, lesbian everything. It’s like the TV show “Girls” but for lesbians.
  9. Black Mirror: San Junipero: To be honest, I’ve never watched any other episode but this one because well….lesbians. It’s a really cute story about lesbian love in some sort of alternate reality and you should watch it.
  10. Orphan Black: A trippy show about clones, one of the clones, Cosima, is a super sexy scientist with dreads. Must I say more?
  11. Glee: Brittana is the sole reason why you should watch Glee. I mean, I love me a cheesy musical style TV show that discusses political issues through song, but if that’s not your thing, just watch it for the most adorable lesbian relationship on TV. Our Sweet Lady Kisses section is inspired by Brittany and Santana’s relationship conversations.
  12. Transparent: This TV show actually focuses on the complexity of sexual orientation, gender identities, gender norms, and transgender issues within a family dynamic. It is a very educational and captivating show as it makes you think about the LGBTQ community as a whole. There are lesbian characters, gay characters, trans characters, bisexual characters, pansexual characters, and many more queer characters. The representation of LGBTQ people in Transparent is realistic and it really is a pleasure to watch.
  13. Lost Girl: This one is one Zoey’s guilty pleasures. I haven’t watched it yet but I plan to. Apparently, there’s lots of lesbian love and storylines, so I can’t wait to start watching it.
  14. Grey’s Anatomy: Arizona and Callie are two main characters in the series and the also happen to be super cute lesbian doctors. You gotta love a little mix of hospital talk and lesbian drama.
  15. Pretty Little Liars: Emily, the adorable lesbian best friend in the group. I watch this show simply to follow her storyline and see who she’s kissing this week.

You can easily watch these while traveling. I have watched many of these on long bus rides, plane rides, and road trips. And honestly, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the constant flux of travel with a good TV series. These lesbian shows are some of my favorite and are definitely worth watching. Let me know if you have any suggestions of lesbian TV shows that I should watch!

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