15 Tips to Help You Save Money for Traveling

15 Tips to Help you Save Money for Traveling

Saving money is hard but saving money for traveling is easy. It’s easy because you know that the money you save is going to take you somewhere BEAUTIFUL , you’re going to have an AMAZING time, meet AWESOME people, and create UNFORGETTABLE memories! Trust me on this, you’re gonna wish you saved more money once you arrive at your first travel destination. So here are some tips on budgeting your money while you’re still at home.

Saving money like a Hustler:

  1. Don’t drink at bars. Everyone knows drinking at bars can put a serious dent on your pocket. If you want to have a few drinks, invite people to your house and have a few beers there. I’m talking $10 dollars for a 12pk of PBR.
  2. Don’t eat out at restaurants. Lez be real, if you’re like me, most of your money probably goes on eating out and booze. STOP IT! Learn to cook or go visit your parents house for some free food.
  3. Don’t buy the new iPhone every time a new one comes out. Come on guys, do you really need the new gadget every single time there’s a new release? No, no you don’t.
  4. Don’t go shopping for new clothes as often as you do. You probably have a closet full of shit you don’t wear. You don’t need to buy new clothes, just wear the ones you have.
  5. Stop using UBER and Lyft for every single ride you take. Walk to places, take public trans, or get a bike. You’ll get some exercise and you’ll save loads of money!
  6. Avoid using your car as often as  possible because GAS PRICES.
  7. Shop for groceries at the local markets not the big, expensive, everything is organic bullshit ones. Seriously, does an avocado really need to cost that much? No, just no.
  8. Stop buying groceries for the week, buy for the day. This is honestly such a money saver. I know you’re probably tired after work and just want to get home, but just take a trip to the market on your way home from work and buy what you’re gonna cook that night for your dinner and your lunch. This helped us save so much money when we were in Australia and we got a chance to cook and spend time together every night. Not to mention, we ate something different every day!
  9. STOP shopping online. It’s easy to overspend when all you have to do is press the checkout button.
  10. Stop pampering yourself as often. There’s no need to go to the hair salon and nail salon once or twice a month. Learn to paint your own damn nails and YouTube “how to cut your own hair.” BOOM! Easy!
  11. Stop buying unnecessary shit. This is hard, I know. But we get into this habit of buying little shits n’ bits that we don’t need but we really like. Get into the habit of only buying things you need. i.e. toilet paper, water, food, wifi 😛
  12. Look up the FREE stuff to do in your area. Instead of spending money on entertainment like movies and theme parks, see if there’s any local events. Many of these events typically benefit small businesses and give exposure to private organizations. It’s all about local love and support <3
  13. Keep track of EVERYTHING you spend everyday. There’s apps that help you do this or you can just write this down on a note. You’ll start seeing patterns on your expenses and it can help you figure out why you’re spending so much money every day.
  14. Cancel your gym membership. Like, do you even lift bro? Seriously, most people just pay for that thing every month and don’t even go. You wanna be all #fitlife, go run around a park!
  15. Lower your phone plan to the cheapest plan. You don’t actually need a phone, trust me, there’s wifi everywhere! But if you must, go with the cheapest option. You don’t need 50gb/month! You’re not that popular on Facebook 😛

I say this now, but neither Zoey or I did all of these things when we were still at home. We never had anyone tell us these things. Damn you world! We blame you for our lack of funds. No, but really, if you do even half of these things, you’ll save SO MUCH money! In fact, you’ll probably save more than we ever did. In a perfect world, you would do all 15 of these things and you would be saving thousands of dollars in no time. But no, I know some of you just can’t let go of them UBER rides to work every morning or weekends at the bar. It’s okay, I still can’t let go of my gym membership…haha jk I don’t lift bro.


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