The difficulty of being a traveling citizen of the United States

Seriously people? Trump? Seriously?

It is really… interesting, i guess, being a United States citizen who travels through many countries around the world. People love to talk to you about how much they HATE the United States, how much they hate United Staes politics, how much they hate people from the United States, how much they hate media from the United States, and how much they hate the United States in general. Here I am standing up for us with a big F**K YOU to my face. What am I supposed to say when they say those mean things about my country and my people? Not only my beautiful American people but my proud and hard working Mexicans, Mexican American citizens, and latinos?! You tell me!?? What should be my response to their ugly comments to our ignorant, backwards, and hypocritical decisions some of us made today?

Before this election, I always responded to their ugly comments, “no, he’ll never make it. He stands against everything that the United States and the constitution believes in.” Boy was I wrong. Here I am in the Philippines today trying to still stand up for my beliefs and my people with little to hold on to. These presidential campaigns have haunted me these last few months traveling abroad.

They asked:

“Hey, what do you think about Donald Trump running?”
“Hey, are you voting for Trump?”
“Hey, this is a joke right?”
“He’s not really gonna win? Is he?”
“What if Trump wins?”

I responded:

“I think it’s a business strategy, he won’t make it against the people of the United States”
“Of course not!”
“Yeah, I think this is a business strategy.”
“Not a chance! And if he does…”
“If we wins, me and many other people are gonna lose respect for politics in the United States and for people residing in our country.”

I wish I could proudly say that I am a United States Citizen but I cant. People offend me, harass me, and talk down to me for being an America citizen abroad. Yes, I still say I am from the United States, but sometimes in a low voice. Why!? Because I am scared to be proud of one of the best countries world wide?! No, because I am scared of people that could potentially hurt me, people that will harass me, people that will offend me, people that disrespect me, people that see me and other Americans as a joke, people that see us as an ignorant bunch. I am only one person, I can only defend us so far. Events like tonights give me even less ground to stand on. What do I say when they laugh at me for being a United States citizen?

Last thought: As a Mexican born citizen and later a United States citizen, I will always stand proud for my beliefs and for both of my countries but it is getting harder. I am the Latina, woman, and queer voice.

I am the minority.

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