The Ultimate List of Lesbian Movies to Watch While Traveling

Lesbian Travel: The Ultimate List of Lesbian Movies to Watch While Traveling

I use to hate watching movies. I was that girl who ALWAYS fell asleep in the movie theater. What can I say, I had a short attention span. You can’t expect me to sit there for 2 whole hours watching the same story line. Booooorrrriiiiinnnnggg! That’s why I prefer TV-shows. TV shows are short and sweet, like Zoey. Speaking of Zoey, she’s the reason this post started with the words “I use to hate watching movies,” as in, I no longer hate watching movies. It’s true, I love watching movies, wait…let me rephrase that, I love watching lesbian movies. Here are some of our favorite lesbian movies:


  1. But I’m a Cheerleader: This is my ultimate favorite lesbian film. It’s funny, it’s witty, and it kinda mocks people who think being gay is “curable.” Not to mention, the main character is “Nicky” from Orange is the New Black.
  2. Blue is the Warmest Color: Longest lesbian sex scene in TV history. Fact. Also, Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos are total babes.
  3. Freeheld: This is such a great movie. It made Zoey and I cry our eyes out, especially because it’s based on a true story and you can just imagine the frustration and pain they must have gone through. Definitely a MUST watch! Also, Ellen Page is a total boss in this movie.
  4. Gia: 20-something year old Angelina Jolie plays a super sexy and badass model. Definitely one of my top 3 favorites in this list! Also, boobs.
  5. Monster: This movie still haunts my dreams, or should I say my nightmares? I don’t know, but I love it and the acting is brilliant! Definitely a must watch.
  6. Carol: A lesbian love story that takes place in the 50’s. Apparently, being a lesbian is difficult in every era.
  7. Tipping the Velvet: This movie (actually, it’s a mini-series but who’s keeping track, am I right?) takes the term “matching lesbians” to a whole other level. Also, it’s a classic. You gotta watch it.
  8. Fingersmith: A clever British film (actually, this one is also a mini-series by the same writer as the one above) with a really unique story about two woman from opposite worlds that fall in love and prove that love happens in the most unexpected situations. Honestly, a great storyline.
  9. Waterlilies: Do you remember being in high school and not really understanding why you were so damn attracted to the bitchy cheerleader? She’s was a bitch anyway…well, this is basically that story. I’m not doing it any justice but it is truly a great film.
  10. After Sex: Not really a “lesbian film,” it’s more like a “after sex film” hence the name. No, but really thought, Mila Kunis is a lesbian so that’s why you should watch it. That’s why I watched it…just sayin’
  11. Bound: Mafia drama and lesbian drama all-in-one.
  12. Lost and Delirious: Boarding school love story. Cheesy lesbian cheeeeeeese.
  13. Loving Annabelle: Did you ever have a crush on one of your teachers? Or did she have a crush on you? Wait what?? Yeah, you read that right.
  14. Tig: Amazing documentary about comedian Tig Notaro and her life as a lesbian trying to have a baby during a battle with breast cancer.
  15. Desert Hearts: Sexy lesbian seduction wins in this movie. Also, it’s actually a happy ending for a change.
  16. Better than Chocolate: I think this is also one of my favorite movies. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who’s looking for something easy and funny to watch. You’ll love it almost as much as you love chocolate.
  17. Gray Matters: Before you figure out you’re gay, you’re kinda like Gray: cute, a little lost, and looking for love in all the wrong places.
  18. Bloomington: Full on teacher-student lesbian drama and sex. It’s cheesy, very similar to Loving Annabelle, but also really good.

I know some of these are really cheesy, but you gotta love them. Right?

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