Being Queer in Taipei

Just a few weeks back, Zoey and I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Taiwan for the first time. We fell in love. Honestly, why did it take us this long to go there? I’m not sure, but we are now thinking of moving to Taipei because why not? Am I right? Especially after realizing that Taipei is a real life lesbian wonderland. Are all girls in Taipei gay? Are they? Because we were in absolute awe with all the androgynous babes. We thought Korea was the land of the lesbians but I think we found the real deal in Taipei.

Taiwan is actually the first country in Asia to recognize same-sex marriage. Must I say more? Well, if I must…here is a list of the reasons being queer in Taipei is nothing but awesomeness:

  1. Taiwan Pride is the biggest pride event in Asia
  2. There are laws that protect you against sexual orientation discrimination
  3. Transgender folks are allowed to legally change gender without surgery
  4. There are a ton of lesbian bars/clubs/venues РTake a look at the list posted by Audrey on Autostraddle 
  5. There are a ton of queer girls
  6. Androgyny
  7. Did I mention there are a ton of cute queer girls?
  8. There are queer districts in Taipei catering to the LGBTQ community
  9. Nobody stares when you kiss your girlfriend
  10. Nobody seems to ask the dreaded questions we all love to hear – ‘Are you sisters?’
  11. It’s clean like Japan but not conservative like Japan
  12. It’s relatively cheap
  13. Public transportation rules
  14. It’s convenient
  15. The food is absolutely amazing! Per usual, we followed Mark Wiens’ list of places to eat in Taipei, and we were not disappointed!
  16. It’s a lively city but not a crowded city
  17. It’s a city surrounded by nature and great views
  18. You can legally work and live there
  19. There is lots of culture and architecture to see
  20. They are a queer friendly country with cute androgynous girls – what else can you ask for?

So now you know, Taipei is probably on our top 3 list of places to visit as a lesbian couple. Why didn’t anyone tell us this before? I’m not sure, but now we are telling YOU! So tell your friends and lets go be gay in Taipei!

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