Food in Sri Lanka

Food in Sri Lanka

Our Favorite Restaurants:

  1. Soya Food Center in Kandy: Try the ice cream, the soy protein rotti which resembles a burrito, and the Chinese rolls.
  2. Ambal’s Vegetarian Hotel in Nuwara Eliya: Try the masala dosa, the vadai, and all the endless curries and fried goodies.
  3. Balaji Dosai in Kandy: Try the coconut sambol and the masala dosai.

Our Favorite Sri Lankan Food:

  1. Masala Dosa (Thosai): Our favorite was in Ambal’s Vegetarian Hotel in Nuwara Eliya.  
  2. Dhal Vada & Milk Tea: You can find these little cakes of goodness everywhere in Sri Lanka, but don’t eat too many because they will make you fart for days. Trust me…and the tea, the tea is amazing! Zoey had a cup of tea every single day! 
  3. Rice & Curry: The great thing about rice and curry is the fact that the curries are always different, and a plate only costs 150-250 rupees. It’s cheap and delicious! Just make sure you eat it at noon when it’s freshly cooked. Our favorite rice and curry was at Praneetha Foods in Colombo. 
  4. Fresh Coconuts: There’s nothing more refreshing than a fresh coconut after a walk in the Sri Lankan heat. They are so sweet, refreshing, and cheap. We paid 50-100 rupees per coconut. 
  5. Coconut Sambol: Spicy, creamy, coconut deliciousness. I think this is my favorite side dish of all time. 
  6. Papadams: I think these are more famous in India, but they are also served with rice & curry in Sri Lanka. They are similar to tortilla chips but better. I could just snack on these all day.  
  7. Coconut Rotti: These remind me of a Mexican gordita, they are slightly sweet but usually eaten with coconut sambol and curries. 
  8. Kottu: This is chopped up rotti, tossed and fried with vegetables, sauces, and eggs. This was my go-to dinner for the first couple of weeks in Sri Lanka. We always ate the vegetarian kottu to avoid getting sick from the meat. 
  9. String Hoppers/Hoppers: Sri Lankans typically have these for breakfast with a variety of delicious curries. We loved them! 
  10. Soy Ice Cream from the Soya Food Center in Kandy: This is the BEST ice cream ever! I mean, I am lactose intolerant so that might be the reason why I love it so much, but it was a huge hit among locals and tourists. Honestly, everything we ate here was amazing! It was probably our favorite place to eat small bites in all of Sri Lanka.

The food in Sri Lanka was one of my favorite things about the country! It is delicious, spicy, and super cheap. Also, as you may have noticed, we only ate vegetarian dishes while traveling Sri Lanka to avoid getting sick as the food can sometimes be left out for hours at a time. We only ever ate street food and didn’t get sick once.

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