Being Queer in Austin, Texas

Being Queer in Austin

Austin is said to be the “Live Music Capital of the World,” but I wish it was the lesbian capital of the world because lesbians are better than live music. Just kidding, but honestly Austin is f**ken AWESOME! Zoey and I spent about three weeks in Austin over the holiday season, and we enjoyed every bite of it….I mean, bit of it. Austin has all the things we like: food, music, bars, nature, sours beers, and queers. So let’s talk about Austin.

Food in Austin:

All I have to say is, diet. Diet before you arrive to Austin because you are about to get FAT! The food in Austin is mind-blowingly delicious. Austin supports local businesses, so you’ll actually eat food that’s made with love. Here are some of our favorites:

Louie Mueller Barbecue: Everyone talks about Franklin’s, well I’m talking about Louie Mueller. The beef rib will knock your socks off! Go look at pictures! You see how good it looks? Well, it tastes even better than it look. Just sayin’

Veracruz All Natural: People from Austin are all about tacos. You’ll notice that there are taco shops on every corner, but the best taco I ate came from Veracruz All Natural. The migas taco was an explosion in my taste buds. I didn’t even know what migas were before I ate here and I’m Mexican. Honestly, these tacos are huge and delicious. Trust me, I’m Mexican.

Gus’s Fried Chicken: Spicy and crispy goodness. I’ve tried a lot of fried chicken in my life, especially in South Korea, but nothing compares to the juicy and delicious chicken from Gus’s. Salivating as I write…

Music in Austin:

As I mentioned, Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” so you won’t be surprised when you walk down 6th street and hear different types of music coming from different directions. Austin also holds music festivals every month or maybe even every day. I don’t know, but I was in heaven. Here is our absolute favorite Austin musician:

Gina Chavez: She is a queer musician who also happens to write songs about her travels in both English and Spanish. She was named the Austin Musician of the Year and rightly so. Her music makes you smile, dance, and want to travel all at the same time.

Bars in Austin:

The Dirty Sixth is a single street with the most amount of bars than any other street in the United States and that’s just one street. There are more bars than anything else in Austin, or so it seems. Here are a couple of our favorite bars:

Handlebar: A cool dive bar with a good list of beers. The best part about this bar is the calendar they make every year. They get all of their employees to pose for silly pictures following a specific theme and donate the proceeds. This year, it was a farm theme, let’s just say we saw a bunch of farmer booty.

PubCrawler of Austin: This isn’t actually a bar, it’s a bicycle made into a moving bar. Basically, you bring your own beer and drink it as you bike around Austin. Zoey surprised me with this activity for my birthday and it was honestly the best birthday present! Here’s a picture of us on our Instagram.

Nature in Austin:

Unfortunately, we visited Austin during winter, so we didn’t get to enjoy the outdoors as much as we wanted to, but we still loved what we saw. Our favorite was the Hamilton Pool. You hike for a few minutes and you soon arrive to a beautiful body of water hidden within a cave. It’s gorgeous.

Sour Beers in Austin:

My favorite type of beer is sour beer. Have you ever tried it? You really should. Zoey had never had sour beer and I couldn’t have chosen a better place for her to be introduced to it. Austin has a number of sour breweries, here are a few of our favorites.

Jester King Brewery: Literally the king of sour beers. Outdoor drinking area and delicious variety of sour beers. This was definitely on my top 3 favorite places in Austin.

Blue Owl Brewing: All of their beers are sour beers. Yes please. Also, you don’t buy the beer, you buy the cup. Yes, you buy the cup and they fill the cup 4 times with whatever you want. That means you get to keep the cup when you’re finished. #souvenirs

Queers in Austin:

Austin is an LGBTQ friendly city. That being said, it is male dominated. I know, most places are, but I guess I just expected a lesbian bar or two. It was a bit disappointing, but I guess we have to blame it on ourselves, why do we lesbians love to Netflix and chill so much? Get out there girls….I mean, after you finish watching all of the lesbian TV shows and movies of course. Dammit, I did it again! Anyway, Austin is definitely a place where you can meet other queer girls, kiss your girlfriend, hold hands with no fear of getting screamed at by homophobes (this actually happened to us in Melbourne by the way), and have a place to drink a beer amongst the LGBTQ community. Austin felt like a big gay hug! Thanks Austin! <3

Side note on behalf of ¬†Zoey: P. Terry’s has the best milkshakes.

Side note on behalf of Mari: Wholefoods = heaven on earth because food, booze, and samples all in the same place.

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